Frontend Developer

Pune, Maharashtra
Work Type: Full Time

We believe writing code is an art. If you are an artist who writes code like how Picasso painted, Shakespeare wrote poetry and all the Gods of heaven, earth and hell will have to pause and say, here lives a great artist who's code is a living example of excellence of work, present us with your art by sharing your code repository.

Who we are:

We are a bunch of young and passionate folks who are driven by the power of the latest and innovative technologies in IoT, AI/ML, Blockchain, and many other advanced technologies. We are in the mission of making the Cyberworld safe for every organization, product, and individual.

Who are you:

You know the magic of bringing imagination to life. You are a master frontend technologies. You eat, sleep, and drink code. You are passionate about converting an idea into an awesome product. You are thrilled with the power of technology and how it can change the world for the betterment of people's lives. You have curiosity in your DNA, and you love to stay in touch with the latest development technologies.

What we look for:

- Your expertise is your primary qualification, not your degree or certification.

- Your publicly known contributions are your credentials.

- Your code repository and blog are the testimonies of your work.

- Papers you have written, the tools you have developed are your references.

- Your write-up reflects your interests and ethics.

- You are learning from the community and enthusiastically contributing back.

What you will do:

- Develop an excellent, well-engineered product frontend and an awesome web interface.

- Write exceptional code and fix any bugs along the way.

- Follow new technologies as they come to the surface and make sure you can utilize them.

The technical skill you should have:

- Proven working experience in web programming.

- Strong sense of web design and attuned to the fundamentals of user experience.

- Familiarity with the whole web stack.

- Hands-on experience of front-end languages and libraries.

  (e.g.HTML/ CSS, JavaScript, XML, jQuery, Angular)

- A solid understanding of web application security.

You should apply if:

- You love building web applications

- You are a creative genius

- You are committed to delivering your best

- You are self-motivated and pro-active with demonstrated creative and critical thinking capabilities.

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