DevSecOps Engineer

Pune, Maharashtra
Work Type: Full Time

Are you interested in automating the build and deployment process of the application with ensuring the application security? If yes, then Payatu is the place for you. We are always in search of passionate people to expand our renowned Bandit family at Payatu. In the quest for Bandits, here is an excellent opportunity we would like to share with you.


Who we are?

We are a bunch of young and passionate folks who are driven by the power of the latest and innovative technologies. We are on the mission of making the Cyberworld safe for every organization, product, and individual.


What we look for outside work parameters?

-Your expertise is your primary qualification, not your degree or certification.

–Design a secure application release automation process.

–Ability to quickly learn about different CI/CD pipelines as per the requirements.

–Your publicly known contributions are your credentials.

–Papers you have written, tools you have developed are your references.

–Your write-up reflects your interests and ethics.

-Your research paper published and presented at conferences.

–You are learning from the community and enthusiastically contributing back.


You Have All Our Desired Qualities, if:

-You have strong fundamentals of application development life cycle.

-You have stronghold on various version controls like GitLab, bitbucket, GitHub etc.

-Your work experience with various CI/CD pipelines like Jenkins, Travis, GitLab CI/CD, azure DevOps etc.

-You have good understanding of at least one cloud provider like AWS, Azure etc.

-You have good experience in various build automation tools and web server deployments.

-You have working experience with Containers, Dockers and Kubernetes etc and middleware automation tools like Ansible, puppet.

-You have experience with various SAST and DAST tools and ability to integrate with the client DevOps pipeline.


Your everyday work will look like:

-Understand client requirements and integrate security as part of their pipeline.

-Evaluate various new alternative technologies and products as per the customer's needs.

-Work along with the development/DevOps team to integrate application security tools in their pipeline.

-Integrate SCA,SAST, DAST tools to their pipeline, as per the best practices.

-Ability to write custom checks on various pipeline stages.

-Work along with client’s different architecture, SDLC on security automation.

-Research and write blogpost about the Devsecops lifecycle.


You are a perfect technical fit if:

–Previous experience in implementing Devops/Devsecops pipelines.

–Previous experience in vulnerability management.

–Interested in learning different security architectures, CI/CD pipelines.

–You have Strong problem solving, troubleshooting and analysis skills.

–You are Self-driven, proactive, hardworking, team-player.

–You are working on something on your own in your field apart from official work.

–You have excellent written and verbal communication skills and ability to express your thoughts clearly.

–You have the skill to articulate and present technical things in business language.

–You can work independently as well as within a team and meet project schedule and deadlines.

–You are passionate about your area of expertise and self-driven.

–You are comfortable working in a dynamic and fast-paced work environment.

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