IOT Security Consultant

Embedded Security Lead/Architect

Pune, Maharashtra
Work Type: Full Time

Are you someone who eats, drinks, breathes and dreams embedded security? If yes, then Payatu is the place for you. We are always in search of passionate people to expand our renowned Bandit family at Payatu. In the quest for Bandits, we are looking for individuals passionate about embedded security to join our esteemed team. Here is an excellent opportunity we would like to share with you.


Who we are?

We are a bunch of young and passionate folks who are driven by the power of the latest and innovative technologies. We are on the mission of making the Cyberworld safe for every organization, product, and individual.


What we look for outside work parameters?

-Your expertise is your primary qualification, not your degree or certification.

–Your publicly known contributions are your credentials.

–Papers you have written, tools you have developed are your references.

–Your write-up reflects your interests and ethics.

–Your research papers published and presented at conferences.

–You are learning from the community and enthusiastically contributing back.


You Have All Our Desired Qualities, if:

–You have the technical skills mentioned above.

–You have Passion for securing hardware.

–You have a history of publishing or presenting good research.

–You like automating stuff.

–You have excellent written and verbal communication skills and ability to express your thoughts clearly.

–You have the skill to articulate and present technical things in business language.

–You can work independently as well as within a team and meet project schedule and deadlines.

–You have strong problem solving, troubleshooting and analysis skills.

–You are passionate about your area of expertise and self-driven.

–You are comfortable working in the dynamic and fast-paced work environment.

–You are Self-driven, proactive, hardworking, team-player.

–You are working on something on your own in your field apart from official work.


You are a perfect technical fit if:

–You have stronghold on Embedded and hardware security.

–You have stronghold on crypto concepts from hardware perspective i.e. TPM, secure element, TEE, Root of Trust, encryption algorithms, HSM, PKI etc.

–You have strong understanding of Threat modelling, Secure SDLC.

–You have good understanding of IoT/embedded compliance standards and guidelines in at least one or two domains - Automotive, medical, Industrial etc.

–You understand least one programming language.

–You understand standard hardware attacks like side channel, fault injection, boot loader attacks, extracting data, debugging chips.

– Understanding of IoT ecosystem and Stack.


Your everyday work will look like:

–Secure embedded design.

–Implementing IoT/embedded security best practices for product engineering teams.

–Implement and verify IoT/embedded compliance standards for products during the design, development and testing phase. 

–Designing and consulting on crypto libraries and chips.

–Designing secure communication mechanisms.

–Designing and consulting on secure FOTA as per best practices.

–Implementing secure Development Lifecycle process for embedded and hardware teams.

–Threat modelling for embedded products based on domain i.e. Automotive, medical, Industrial.

–Making products and processes compliance ready for various domains i.e. automotive, medical, Industrial etc.

–Managing client engagements and building the internal embedded security team.

–Sharpen your saw with continuous research, learning, training on the latest tools and techniques, keeping up with new research and sharing the same with the ecosystem.

–Communicate well using verbal and written skills, within and out of the team.

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